The world’s first "Device Specific" API

Yougotphoto is proud to release the world’s 1st API that directly communicates with devices without having to use a browser.

What does this mean?

In a nut shell the API’s currently released by websites (ie: flickr, google, facebook) are for server to server communication. In other words “website to website”.
If we want to use certain web services on a device other than a PC we must still go work through a browser environment employing technologies like HTML, Ajax, Java.

But what if I want to use the services provided by a web site on a device other than a device that supports a browser? Enter the device specific API.
(for more on this topic you may visit

We are proud to be able to provide device makers with another option to add functionality/service to their products.

Contact us ( to learn how you can begin work with the yougotphoto API.


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