You Got Photo – Beta

We are proud to announce that beta is up and open for new users and old visitors. What is YouGotPhoto? It is not another photo sharing site nor is it another photo hosting site. YouGotPhoto completes the photo sharing experience solutions.

Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa, Bubbleshare, and many other photo sharing/hosting sites offer great services to upload, store, and then share photos with Internet users. The sharing-service on these sites provides a place to share your great shots with friends or the public. They are doing great jobs now and YouGotPhoto is not here to compete.

Not long ago, sharing photos was an intimate experience sitting with your family or friends in a living room. It was warm experiences. YouGotPhoto’s mission is to bring that warmth back. Just one photo might mean the world to someone, but it may mean nothing to someone else. YouGotPhoto services make your photos mean something.

YouGotPhoto acts as an agent with access to photos you have stored on the Internet and provides a simple “drag-and-drop” into a special frame that you can send to a special someone. Just like sitting down and going through photos with your loved ones.

YouGotPhoto brings the intimate photo sharing experience back.

YouGotPhoto – Every Photo Matters.


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